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Tantra and Erotic Trance:
Volumes 1 & 2

by John Ryan Haule
Copyright © 1999
All Rights Reserved

Pre-publication title:
Indecent Practices and Erotic Trance:
Making Sense of Tantra

Fisher King Press

Synopsis of the book.

Table of Contents

Volume One-Outer Work

The Brink of Orgasm

  1. The Real and the Unreal in Sex and Spirituality

  2. The Problem of Orgasm

  3. Beyond Orgasm to Eros
Transforming Energy
  1. Serpent of Light

  2. The Way of Longing

  3. Scandalous Accomplishments

  4. Beyond Good and Evil

Volume Two - Inner Work

Microcosm and Macrocosm

  1. The Subtle Body

  2. Interior Ladder

  3. Intercourse of God and Goddess

  4. Emptying Indra's Heaven

  5. The Pulse of the Cosmos
  1. Mutual Participation

  2. Sexual Wayfarers

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